Voluntary Benefits

You’re working hard to manage rising health care costs, and that means making some difficult choices. At the same time, high-deductible health plans and higher out-of-pocket costs are creating coverage gaps for many of your employees. Show your employees that you care about their needs by offering a voluntary benefits program with the meaningful choices they’re looking for.

We’ll work with you to create a program tailored for your organization, featuring a well-planned roll-out, personalized communications and managed enrollment.

What are Voluntary Employee Benefits?

Voluntary benefits are products offered through an employer but paid at a lesser rate by the employees through payroll deductions. Having a voluntary employee benefits program adds value to benefit plans and are typically easy to administer. These types of benefits are usually offered in addition to the core benefit program provided by the employer and range from health, dental, wellness/lifestyle, financial security, personal/miscellaneous, and more.

Types of voluntary employee benefits

There are several types of voluntary benefits you can consider for your employees, these range from health categories to wellness, and financial security. Each product helps address a different need that your employees may have.